Our Stories

Our stories are the very best parts of us. The memories you feel the most deeply, those are your stories. Don't run from them, don't be afraid of them, and challenging though it may be, embrace them. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are always supposed to present ourselves at our best. But [...]

Stand for Something

Stand for something, or fall for anything. It is easy to become complacent in our everyday lives and lose sight of the goals we have set for ourselves. It is easy to become so caught up in the demands of a job, relationship, or other people that we fail to continue doing what’s necessary for [...]

The Journey

Having a type A personality can be frustrating sometimes. While I love being organized and having things planned out, but when things happen -- when life happens, it turns my world upside down. It's frustrating when it seems like my plans are falling apart in front of me or changing so fast that I can't catch up. But [...]