Stand for Something

Stand for something, or fall for anything.

It is easy to become complacent in our everyday lives and lose sight of the goals we have set for ourselves. It is easy to become so caught up in the demands of a job, relationship, or other people that we fail to continue doing what’s necessary for us as individuals.

When you’re tired and worn out, it may be a result of you giving too much of yourself and your time to others. How awful is it to realize that you’re too burnt out to work on your passions because you’ve been throwing yourself into the passions of someone else? It’s not wrong to want to see others succeed and do well, but when it takes away from you, step back and re-evaluate. Most importantly, ask yourself if that person would do the same for you. Obviously, if you have children this adds a layer of complexity, but don’t forget that the little person you’re raising looks up to you too. Your habits become their habits. Your affirmations become their affirmations. When you show them that you can push your limits and break down barriers, then they believe they can too.

Love yourself. Life is far too short and nothing is worse than looking back and having regrets about things in your control.

All in all, it’s hard to be helpful to others when you aren’t whole. But it’s harder still to do things for others that aren’t appreciated when that energy could have been channeled into your own goals. Pay attention.

One thought on “Stand for Something

  1. Amen. Stand strong for you! Believe in you! When others need to borrow some of that strength, guidance or wisdom, you will be happy to give it or not and it won’t take anything away from you.


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